i’m home!

i’ve been home for two days now. it’s weird being home, but it is weird in a good way. i was immediately welcomed back into the states with community. my closest friends, my family, and joseph all came to the airport and ate dinner at my house, so we could all catch up and share stories. although i am suffering from jet lag, i am pretty excited about life right now. i am still processing everything that happened on the trip, and as i do, i will continue to update you all.

i loved traveling and being with my team. i also loved being at english camp! it was a community of believers and nonbelievers, all finding a common ground, a place to feel welcomed, a place to learn, and a place to feel loved. it was so comforting and so fun. community is one of the things i really loved about college and living in the dorms, so it was such a good feeling to have that community again. in estonia, there was always someone to laugh with, always someone to talk with, and always someone to dance with!

one of the hardest things for me is missing the girls i built relationships with. i wish i could call up sandra, iris, rael, anna maria, regina, krete, birgit, katrin, carolina, cornelia, and all the others and go get coffee and talk. they are friends that live so far away. friends that i haven’t stopped thinking about. i am so thankful to have met all the girls. they have all impacted me, and as silly as it sounds, a part of my heart is with them in estonia.

i feel different, and i know i am changed for the better. i have learned so much. i have really learned how to open up to people and skip all the small talk. that was vital to building relationships in such a short period of time. it required being vulnerable and stepping out. i, by no means, did it all perfectly, but it is something i improved in and look forward to growing in. i look back and i see things that i could have said or done differently, but i try and not dwell on those thoughts; i want to learn from them.

i want to thank you all for your prayers and for your donations! you all impacted the lives of the youth in Estonia, and that is so exciting!

here are some pictures:



2 responses to “i’m home!

  1. Lanier & Carolyn

    Enjoyed reading your letter about some of your experiences with the girls. Sounds like you developed some great friendships. We were not sure if you had gone backto work. Call us when you can, love hear from you

    Love you lots!!!!!!!!

  2. yo, were blog friends now Kayla. We can comment back and forth all day.

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