Allo my friends. We have arrived after about two days of travelling, half on a plane and the rest of the time on a bus, ferry, and walking. It’s crazy. Everything is pretty different. The thing that is most challenging is the language difference. I think the ones of us on the team that know no Estonian feel bad. We gave been learning some phrases like aitah, which means thank you! We are all at a coffee shop now. Tomorrow we train for the english camp that starts on Sunday. Last night we stated at a hostile/house/hotel. It was pretty sweet, very nice. There were so many different people. Sorry this blog is very scattered probably because I can’t see the whole screen on the iPod I’m typing this on my iPod.
Love to all.
P.S. you guys are seven hours behind us in time. It is like 5 in the morning for you guys.


5 responses to “aitah

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. Praying for you and the team Have a great exprience. Love you very much.

  2. That is so awesome that you are finally there!!! That’s so crazy that it’s taken you two days! And I know the language barrier can really suck but keep learning as many phrases as you can because it will really make a difference! How’s the food so far? and how are the Estonian people? friendly? You are never going to forget this trip for as long as you live so don’t ever let yourself feel homesick because the trip will go by fast! Take lots of good pictures! I miss you and am SO excited to hear about everything when you get back!!
    Love, Lauren =D

  3. Jess Namynanik

    This is so awesome! I can not wait to hear all that God did through you and all the awesome stories you will have!

  4. Kayla, so good to hear how you are doing. I love you. Having a great time with Miss Sams but miss you. Praying for you and your team. Love love!

  5. we are praying for you my sweet daughter! I am so proud of the Jesus in you and how you let Him shine to all around you.

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