i leave on Wednesday for Estonia. The time has flown by since I started raising money for this trip. I want to thank you guys for all your help.


this is how to not wear the flowers...

this is how to not wear the flowers...



Meghan thank you for teaching me to crochet and for all the flowers. Jessica, Michaela, and Lauren thank you girls for all your help crocheting flowers and what not (laughing, hanging out, etc). I have had the most awesome few weeks with these girls. We lived and breathed yarn. It was so great! i also had help from a few other girls, so thank you! we have over 30 flowers for headband and bracelets. I also want to thank my sister for crocheting headbands for me. she is a natural. 🙂 


some of the flowers.

some of the flowers.



To all the donors: I cannot thank you enough. God used you all to help me get over there and to give a gift to the girls I will be working with. i am so excited!

i fount out i won’t be taking my computer with me, so i will for sure update you all as soon as i get home.


p.s. check out joseph stagnaro’s flickr for more flowers for estonia pictures!


3 responses to “waiting…

  1. Jess Namynanik

    I love this all so much. I am so glad that we got to hangout while crocheting!! this summer has been so great you are such an awesome friend!! Love you lots!

  2. kaylabelleingram

    thank you jess! you have been such an encouragement to me!

  3. Have Fun and I will be praying for you!

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