crunch time.

i am headed to estonia in about three weeks to love on middle school and high school aged kids. i am so excited about the opportunity to share some of my experiences with them and share with them about what God has done in my life! for the many people who don’t know where estonia is, it is in north eastern europe across from finland and bordering russia. for information about the trip check out the blog post below this one!

i have raised about $1325 for my plane ticket, food, and shelter. i need about $900 more.


this is where you come in. i have recently gotten into to crocheting. and since headpieces and headbands are so in this season, i thought i could share this with the girls i will be working with. what girl does not love a new accessory… with your help of a money donation (ranging from a $1- to whatever), i will be able to crochet headbands, flowers, and  bracelets in your name to take over to the girls. some of my girlfriends are going to help me with all the crocheting. they are really excited to be apart of this, and i am so thankful for that. once i get back i thought i would crochet something for all the donors! and if you are a boy, i think i can come up with a burley wristband or something…


for everyone who donates, it will be a gift from YOU to THEM. i will get your information and make sure they know the someone who funded their gift! this way it makes your donation more personal. it won’t be just about me. you will be giving two things.


call me, or email me at if you are interested, have questions, or want to get more involved. you can also find me on twitter @kaylaingram.


i am really excited about this opportunity! the days are getting closer, and i thought it would be awesome to take the girls gifts to show love from me and all of you!


One response to “crunch time.

  1. Great idea – Count me in on $25 worth of gifts.

    The trip sounds so exciting. How do I access your twitter account? The link is broken.

    Where do I send the check?

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