ashevegas and its beauty.

so i’m sitting outside on my aunt’s porch in asheville. it is a beautiful morning. my sister is on my right side, and my mom and aunt debbie on my other. lucy the pup is just playing, laying in the sun. i’m in the perfect position right now. my aunt sue has the reclining deck chairs, and half of my body is in the shade and the other in the sun. when i look up, i see the blue sky with trees all around me. it’s so refreshing.

we are here to celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation. i am so excited for him. this past year for me has be so exciting, the best time of my life. i know i’ve said this all before, but the more and more i look back on the past year, i am so thankful for the opportunities i had, the people i met, and the growth in many areas of my life. i am excited for eldridge, my cousin, that it is now his turn to experience these things. he is really into film, acting, and tech stuff. he has the passion to pursue his dreams. i feel like that is something i am lacking, dreams…

let me think.

i want  to work with children.
i want to have a family and my own children (a long time from now).
i want to adopt.
i want to travel around the US and the world.
i want to sponsor some children through compassion and kiva and meet them.
i want to meet people from different places and realize how we all relate.
i want to shine.
i want to be salt to this world. 

i really love my family. i am excited for eldridge and his new experiences, and for all the other graduates out there! this is going to be an exciting time for you. you won’t stop learning and growing. enjoy the time you have left with your familias and friends. soak it all in!



One response to “ashevegas and its beauty.

  1. Uncle Richard

    checked out your stuff. It’s great, i really mean it. I especially liked the “I want to” section. It lets me see into your heart …!

    I’ll be trusting God with you to provide everything you need for your trip.

    Love you and enjoyed last week

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