25 minutes…

i have 25 minutes more in this class. this class moves so slowly.

a prayer of mine has been that i will start seeing God in all things. the past couple days have been really cool. most everytime i think of someone i start praying for them, from friends and family to people i just see around. i hope this is something i can continue to do.

i don’t remember if i have said this or not, but i am coming home next semester and going to kennesaw. i really feel a peace about it. i am going to miss the people and experiences i have had here at gcsu, but i am excited for the new season. two things about this: 1) it is going to be really hard to leave because i have been building relationships with so many people this semester. it’s so awesome at times, but then i know it will make it hard to leave. 2) i was afraid that when i came home, i would not have many people to hang out with. last weekend, i was home, and joseph was busy. i had a great weekend though. i got to hang out with some really awesome girls, and it made me excited to know when i come back that i will have some friends.

i am really excited about building relationships with people. it is something i was not really good at in the past, not that i am perfect at it now (not even close). but i am learning to really love people!



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