there is an organization called KIVA. check them out. they have an amazing concept. they are in contact with people in third world countries who need help starting up their businesses. You lend them as little as $25 to get started, and once they are able, they pay you back! i just think the whole idea is ingenious. throughout the whole process, you get e-mail updates on what is going on with the aspiring entrepreneur. check it out!

so i was in a dgroup/small group last semester with a group of girls i did not know. i still don’t know many of them, but the past two weeks have been a lot of fun. we have been hanging out, talking, and sharing some of our thoughts. we are slowly getting to know each other. i am excited. we are going to start reading a book soon, so we will have a topic to discuss when we get together for lunch. any ideas?

guatemala. i want to go there this summer. i know someone who works at an orphanage there. and i have such a strong desire to serve the kids there. i would love to spend a few weeks just loving on them. i am praying about the whole situation because time is ticking.

valentine’s day. joseph and i have never really been too big on celebrating, which i am really fine with. although joseph would be awed with candy, i don’t really have a sweet tooth. we usually make something for each other. this valentine’s i will be at school. a local church is having a love feast for the poor. i am going to volunteer and help with that. i am excited about the opportunity to hang out with people from the milledgeville community.

so, find your calcutta. the organization i am helping start up is officially a business! woohoo. we have our license and can do things that any other business can do. with this brings great responsibility, but it is very exciting. once we become a stable business, we will file to become a non-profit! keep praying that we will be able to get things moving, raise money, and reach people all around!

next year update: i think i will be moving back home because of financial reasons. if i move back home, i will be able to go to school, to work, and to save money. the only down side would be i will be missing out on some of the college experience. i really feel a peace about it all though. from the beginning of searching for colleges, i have felt like i did not want to take out student loans, and i have realized i can go to school without doing that. it will just take some sacrifices. i feel like it is the right thing for me. but if money comes my way and i have the chance to stay at GCSU, i will definitely do that! keep me in your prayers.

i feel like i am at a really good place. there are so many things going on, and i am excited about them. i am realizing though that i need to spend more time with God, just being in his presence. i need to make the time. i have the time. i just get lazy and complacent. i hate that. i want to be hungry. i am.

that was a lot of information for one blog. any thoughts?



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  1. Have a great time. Love ya! 🙂

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