so, i came across something that proves that i am really weird.


listography is a website where i can make lists! they have a book, too, but i decided to go the free way! i really enjoy lists… i like organizing things and planning things, so list come in handy. this website will generate a random topic for me to make a list on. it’s kind of fun. okay it’s more than just kind of fun to me. i could seem myself wasting a lot of time. hopefully that will not be the case. besides all the fun i am having, it is helping me think about things i don’t normally focus on. i think it will help with my creativity and just make me think about things that matter or even things that don’t matter…let me know what you think about it (making lists and the website). 🙂

here’s my listography.

enjoy, and have a great week!



One response to “listography

  1. thats sweet. i’ll definitely have to check that shtuff out.

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