this is what i got

alright, so this is what i got for you…

i’m taking 17 hours this semester, which comes out to be 7 different classes. i figured it all out and i will be reading for one to two hours a day, if not more. i only go to class monday through thursday. mondays and wednesday i get to work out with my roommates in the morning. it’s really nice.

so here are some of my interests that i have recently discovered or that i am going to grasp this next year…

painting. my sister and mom started painting with watercolors. then joseph bought me some acrylics and canvas. and then i bought some oil paints and more canvas. i did a couple projects over the holidays, some better than others. i’ll have to get some pictures to put up, so i can get feedback. but i really enjoy painting. i like tryign new things. and i like finding inspiration and seeing it in what i come up with.

traveling. i want to travel. i want to work with kids. i want to study abroad. i have been thinking about it a lot lately. i think i would like to study abroad in spain, and then work in south america over the summer. that is my dream for now. and may not be this summer or next semester, but i think it something i will end up doing!

this past weekend, i went home and surprised my dad for his birthday. i spent time with the fam, and we went and saw the terracotta warriors at the high. it was pretty interesting.

i came back yesterday, which was sunday, so i could get things organized for the week and READ!

speaking of latin america, anyone know a place i could volunteer at or people i could stay with…



One response to “this is what i got

  1. Kayla Belle this is so exciting! God is showing you who He made you to be and maybe even what He made you to do! Discovering Kayla! Yea! love love love

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