it’s new year’s eve. 2008 was good, but it was hard. i graduated from high school, went to my first funeral, became a  freshman all over again, finished my first semester at gcsu, and overcame some other things. i’ve been so blessed. i spent christmas with family in florida, and it was great. i love spending time down there, oh, and the weather was warm. i love warm weather. i’ve never seen real snow, so i would like to see that before i say i like warm weather better. but anyways, me, joseph, joe b, joe p, and blake are going to asheville, north carolina tonight for new years. i am not sure what we are going to do yet. maybe ride a train or look at gingerbread houses, but it should be fun.

i am working all next week, so it will be nice to make some money to have when i go back to school. money to buy toilet paper and some cookies. ha

well i hope you all have a great new year’s eve. i have some big decisions to make for this upcoming year. it is exciting, and i am praying for a peace about the decisions.

i’ve never been good at new year’s resolutions. i don’t know if i have ever really made one. so here it goes…

i am going to stop biting my nails. done. already accomplished. this is harder said than done. i have done it for as long as i could bite my nails.

what are your new year’s resolutions. we can keep each other accountable…

to ’09. cheers!



One response to “eve

  1. Happy New Year, Kayla!!!

    I’ve got some link love for you on my site! Come see…

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