alright, sorry it’s been so long. i’ve been busy to say the least.

i got 4 a’s and a b! i do not know how i pulled of that b in world civ. i was pretty much set of failing the class, but i guess the extra credit really did help, and the final must have been extremely curved. it feels good to not have to stress out about keeping hope for next semester…at least for now.

i have been doing some christmas shopping with joseph the past couple of days. it hasn’t been too crazy, but i am sure the crazyness will start this weekend. we are going to florida for christmas, we be me, my parents, and candace. we’ll be there until next sunday. i am excited to hang out with all the familia!

well i am suppose to be meeting my mom now. i’ll update again soon.



2 responses to “weak..

  1. You are going to have a great time in FL. Enjoy every single minute and stay away from the nude beach 🙂

  2. sis, look at my new header! isn’t it cute i made it!

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