i’ve been slacking in the blog department…

there is a lot going on. i feel like God is doing some big things right now for me…

i am on a board for a non-profit organization called Find Your Calcutta (website coming soon). this has been such an awesome opportunity. i am getting to see how non-profits work and see if it is something i am interested in for the future. i will tell you guys more about later…

i’ve never been one to make bad grades, but right now i am not doing so well in my world civ class. it is honestly, the hardest class i have ever taken. i am still trying to figure out what to do…

God is also doing some big things in my relationships with joseph, friends, and family. it is really hard at times, but it is so rewarding.

thanksgiving is next week. i am so excited to go home and spend time with the family. also, on thanksgiving morning, joseph and i are running a 10k. it is going to be fareezing, but it will be worth it…i hope.



3 responses to “slacking

  1. Glad to see you blogging my sweet daughter! CANNOT wait for you to come home for a long weekend!! The grades will be fine. Love you so!

  2. I’m praying about World Civ ~ I know you’ll do great in the end. Your momis so excited for you to come home for Thanksgiving and you’ll be able to relax a little. This week before Thanksgiving Break is always one of Emma’s most stressful times…hang in there Sweetie.

  3. How neat are you!!! So cool to hear you reflect on where God is working in your life and Finding Your Calcutta sounds awesome – love the focus on missions – global and local. I honestly wish I had been the real deal in college. Way to go, Kayla!

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