i made my own fall break…

on wednesday after my 12 o’clock class i decided i was ready to go home for the weekend. i only had four classes that i was going to miss. so i did it. i went on a run with a friend, and then i packed up all my stuff and drove home.

it was so nice. i had wednesday night, thursday, friday, and saturday day. i needed it. although i had seen my family the weekend before, i had not been home in a month. it was relaxing, and i had a good time. i was able to catch up with my friend adele! i registered for classes at 5am on friday morning, and i got my classes for next semester! i helped my sister get ready for halloween. i spent time with my family. i hung out with joseph, too. joseph, joe, and i did a little photo day. that was really fun. on saturday morning, joseph and i ran another 5k with some people from his work. it was cold, and it was all hills, but we did it. joseph improved his time, and my time was a little bit slower than the first 5k, but i am proud. it feels good. i did gain a cold from the expereince along with an unpleasant cough. on thanksgiving morning, my family, joseph, and whoever else wants to are goingt o run a 5k called the turkey gobbler or something. i am excited!

tell me what you think of the pictures!

i came back to school yesterday (saturday). i hung out with some of my neighbors, and then i came back to my room to start studying. i got some good reading done, and then i was distracted. when joseph came down last weekend, he bought me some paints, brushes, and paper to paint on. soooo, i painted last night. for three hours. this is not something i am use to doing. i do not think of myself as a creative or artsy person, but it was relaxing, and i enjoyed it. i’ll end up showing you guys the product of all that time sometime… my sister is really good at painting and at drawing. my parents have invested in her and her fondess of art, so that is really cool to see her growing and changing as an artist. she inspires me. =)

i am going to have a busy week this week. lots of studying!



10 responses to “i made my own fall break…

  1. Kayla Belle~ I love your pictures and I reeeeeallly want to see the painting. Don’t say you arent artsy…you so are! You write and your photographs are awesome!
    Study hard and play hard this week!
    love love love~

  2. I loved you coming home. It feels complete when you are here. It feels so normal to see you coming and going. Thanks for all the help with Candy. You are a great sister and daughter. Love you, mom

  3. thanks for caring about my sickness! this is from candy Ingram…… come check out moms, Really Ruthie blog !!! love love…..!:}

  4. Hey this is candy……….. I have my own blog now!!! its called i am candy… we just did it …:] love love

  5. study well. love the pics.. looking forward to meeting you at the blog party

  6. Hey! Found you on the Blog Party site πŸ™‚ Was really hoping to come…but we just got home from Korea with our baby girl Molly and life is crazy right now! I wanna know how it went!!!!!! Hope you had a blast.
    Jen in Tennessee

  7. i love u sis. talk to u later!!!!……… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Hey girl! Who took those pictures? Seriously they are awesome!

  9. Hey Kayla.
    It was great getting to meet you and your mom at the Blog Party.
    Take care of yourself and be blessed.


  10. Happy Birthday Kayla. Hope you had a great birthday!
    many more blessings in the days, weeks, and months to come!

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