i am taking a break. i am writing a research paper, and it is very time consuming.

so i have a really hard to focusing when i am praying and worshiping God no matter where i am. i have been praying about this for some time now, and i feel like i got an answer last night. i felt like God was telling me i needed to write things down when i am praying. who would have guessed? that is pretty easy for me; i love making list and what not. so last night i just started writing, and i felt like i was staying focused. i felt free from that former distraction!

last night we had a big house church! the two house churches here at gcsu and some people from the house churches at georgia state and clemson came. it was awesome. there were tons of people there. the rooms were filled, and i loved listening to us all sing together in unison and once again free from whatever was troubling us.

what do you do to help you focus?



2 responses to “research

  1. Exercise helps me focus! Sometimes I read the Bible outloud and that helps me to really hear what I’m reading…taking notes too~
    Love you~

  2. Hey girl, thanks for giving me your info. I look forward to meeting you and your mom. I love that you both are coming. H

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