special k fruit and yogurt is my favorite cereal

the title has nothing to do with this post. i do not like making up titles and my special k is sitting next to me…..

i have so many things going on right now dealing with relationships, school, and God. it is exciting to say the least. i need to get some sleep, but i want to share with you about tonight.

i attend a church here at school known as house church. the church is lead by some awesome, college-student leaders for college students. i have felt comfortable there since the first time i attended. i really enjoyed the people, i really enjoyed the feel of the place. it felt like home. 🙂 tonight john raymond and benton team talked on john 9. there were so many things said that i am still trying to take it all in. one statement was “truth does not need a defender.”  to me this means that we can accept God’s truth. we don’t need to defend it. it deals with our faith. it meant something to me because i am really searching for God’s truth in my relationships, but i feel like once i find out a truth, i need to accept for what it is. so that was reassuring.
another thing happened. we all worshiped together, and to be honest i do not know how to sing. i can’t keep rhythm or clap to a beat. and singing is something i have felt self conscious about. at the end of worship we all linked arms with each other, and we prayed allowed all of us at the same time for different things. for our roommates, our teachers, our friends, our city (milledgeville), our friends or new acquaintances next to us. it was really cool. then we started singing a song together, and i felt freedom. i sang. i did not care. i was vulnerable, and i was just there for God. i am really trusting him with it all. i know that his will will be done as i continue to seek him. it was a great feeling.

i am reading captivating by john and stasi eldredge. it is captivating. it keeps me turning the pages, and it makes so much sense. it identifies the desires of women and explains why we feel the way we do about things. i would recommend it for man or woman.

friday, joseph and i are running a 5k at my school. i am pretty excited. then saturday my family comes down!

i know it’s only tuesday…but what are you plans for the weekend?



One response to “special k fruit and yogurt is my favorite cereal

  1. Kayla Belle!!! I love your title 🙂
    It’s so like God to be doing so much in and around you right now. One thing you’re doing is making yourself available. Kudos.
    Have so much fun this week and weekend.
    We are having our 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!
    love to you~Auntie R

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