it’s a thursday night. thursday night is the night when everyone goes downtown or goes to parties. it’s usually a loud night. i had no plans, but i ended up hanging out with my roommate. i love her. anna is hilarious. she is easy to talk to, and she is a good listener. i am so thankful to have such an awesome roommate. i really am. we are getting to be good friends, and it is really nice to have a girlfriend. it’s been a while.

joseph and joe are at catalyst. joseph told me it has been really cool so far. we just texted a little, but i can’t wait to hear about in more detail. i would love to be able to go next year. he met the photographer daley hake, so that is cool. i like to look at his pictures on his blog. you should check him out.

i really wanted to go home this weekend, or actually just for a few hours. joseph, joe, and tyler are playing a set at blue light coffee. but gas is just too pricy. you should stop by and listen to them if you are in woodstock on friday!

i am doing well. i am happy. i am at a good place with God right now. i am continuing to learn things everyday. sometimes it is not easy, but it’s not suppose to be. i have my first small group on monday. they call them d groups (decipleship groups) here. i am really excited to meet some new girls, and start building relationships. i also want to get involved with something to do with kids. i am learning that working with kids is a passion of mine, and i really want to pursue it. there are plenty of opportunities. i will just need to start managing my time better. so you can pray for me in that area if you think of me.

i hope you all have a good weekend.

here are some pictures:



2 responses to “thursday

  1. Sweetie~
    I love hearing that you’re at a good place with God…you’ve got so many of us praying for you though that it doesn’t surprise me!!!
    I’m going to check out daley hake! Have you read the blog withoutwax? Check it out, it’s really good. I thought of it because the pastor who writes it, Pete Wilson, was at Catalyst too!
    I love you and I’m praying 🙂

  2. Gotta love photo booth.

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