alright, so i have been learning a lot. maybe not so much learning school stuff, but i have been learning from and about God.

i realized God’s word is sweet and satisfying. i have learned when someone says “this verse is in the bible” to really seek it and figure out what i think about it (not to just trust their word). i have learned to rely on God. He is always there. i have overcome something that use to be a big “flaw” of mine. i use to worry and stress over just about everything. like why did joseph not answer his phone? i bet her got in an accident. or i would stress about school stuff and tests. but really i can say that i do not worry myself sick. i really do not worry about things. and this is huge. if i ever start to feel worried or stress, i start praying and reading the bible. i have also realized that i am a physical touch kind of person. it is hard being away from my family and joseph. i can’t just be hugged whenever i want. last night i was talking and praying, and i just felt like nobody was talking back, and it made me feel alone, which caused me to want to be comforted. i think this was a test from God that i am still trying to figure out. but i ran into my suitemates’ room and asked them for hugs. it helped temporarily. i want to be able to fully rely on God, but it’s hard to not feel him. 

i am going home this weekend. i was not planning on it, but my sister is really sick. she has a case of pneumonia. i told my mom i would come home if they needed me, and she told me to stay, but i am pretty sure it would be a big help if i came home. and i am glad to come home. i am coming home after the tie-dye party though! i have never tie-dyed, so i am excited! and THE OFFICE starts tonight. i am excited to be able to watch it with the people i watched it with last season. it will be a treat.

let me know what i can be praying for for you guys.



2 responses to “time

  1. I will be praying for you. I went through a similar thing when I went to college.
    It was only a hour away from my family, but I did not have the everyday contact with
    my family, it was difficult, but I learned to fully rely on God and grew so much in my faith.
    I worried about everything, and would call my dad every time something went on. He would
    just reassure me, every time, that it will be ok and the Lord knows my needs and struggles.
    He would remind me to pray and seek Him. I ended up making it through ok, (of course)
    Right now I am struggling with feeling alone right now. I am with my husband, which is wonderful,
    but we do not have jobs, a church to minster at, and our daily routine does not consist of
    much of anything right now. Please pray that the Lord will reveal the church that we will
    be going to soon, we are praying specifically to be moved by November 1st.
    Thanks so much and press on!

  2. Not worrying IS HUGE! I am glad God has helped you with this. I will look up the verse, but basically it says to take your thoughts captive. It sounds like that is what you are doing. My other favorite verse is in I Cor. 13 which says Whatever is true, honorable or of good rebute, let your mind dwell on these things. Sometimes I can weave quite a picture of doom and dispair and then the Lord reminds me of these verses and following them truly brings me peace.
    Also I am glad you realized you need hugs. But more importantly that you went and asked your roommates for what you needed. THAT IS SO GREAT! Sometimes I am afraid to let people know my needs, I don’t want to appear vulnerable. Leting others see what you need allows them to have courage and say what they need. It is a gift you are giving them.
    Please pray that I will get exercise as the priority that the Lord would want. I want to be consistent. I want balance in my life.

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