i am searching for a major. for my freshmen seminar class we are required to pick four majors and research them, pick them apart, and then pick our favorite. i feel like i am being forced to pick one. what happens if i don’t like any of the majors i pick. i guess i will research more. there is so much out there. i have a passion, but i am not sure it has its own specific major. i love kids, and i want to do everything i can to help less fortunate kids. i do not feel like i am suppose to be a teacher in a classroom although it is something i could fall back on. i have thought about working for nonprofits and getting some kind of business degree. i have been thinking about speech therapy. i have always thought about spanish. i don’t feel anyone of those areas really calling my name. it may not be the time. i am praying that i can be patient and follow God’s plan. what did you graduate with, not graduate with, or your intended major?



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  1. I graduated with an Elem Educ/ Special Educ degree. I have taught 6 years, and am done!
    Children’s ministry is my passion. I have been involved in Children’s ministry for over 10
    years now, and love it! The reason I did not major in religious studies or christian education
    is because I thought, why do I need a degree to be involved in children’s ministry?
    It is my passion and my education degree has been what I have used to be
    “certified” to teach. I have shown my passion and my ability to lead, and love the Lord.
    That has been good enough for them to let me lead the children’s minstry at three different
    churches over the years. Just my two-sense is all. In the long run, make sure it is
    something you are passionate about, you will be much happier!

  2. I do not have a degree but a certification in personal training. I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE with their fitness goals. PASSION is everything. I think you would be great with children and can see where you could use your organizational skills to help a non-profit organization or profit center take better care of children. I am praying the Lord will lead you. Sometimes we have to take side trails to get us where we are to eventually to go. A business degree may be a side trail to get you in the door.

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