i can’t complain.

so everything is going really well. my classes are (i hate to say it) not too hard. i really enjoy my roommates. and i am still meeting new people everyday. although i talk to my family everyday, i miss them. i will be going home in two weekends. this coming up weekend i am going to georgia southern for a flag football tournament. it should be quite interesting. i will be meeting tons more people and i will be kept busy. i have my first flag football game tomorrow for team “why so serious.” i am the center if you know what that means. i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t, you know what that mean. any way. i am watching a tlc show about beauty pageants. that is some intense stuff. for winter break, we have a whole month off! that is super exciting. i hope i will be able to go to denver for a portion of that time. oh, and in milledgevile, it is HOT. the sun shines. i spent the past two days by a pool. it was really nice to be outside and get some sun. the pool is a salt water pool, which is cool too. no chlorine.

okay, so tonight i was in the laundry room folding my clothes, and i see someone walking in out of the corner of my eye. they open the door, and they say “hi miss.” i jump, and i scream at the top of my lungs and fall to the floor. he scared me to death, and then i scared him. we both laughed, but were in shock. now i have a headache. if you did not know, i am easy to scare, and i will scream.

house church is tomorrow night. i am excited to see what is in store!

well here is my stream of thoughts. sorry for wasting your time. 



One response to “i can’t complain.

  1. How was flag football and church? I have giggled about you screaming in the laundray room. I was telling Matt about it and he started laughing because it is so much like me. lol
    I think we have an extra one cup coffee mamker here if you want it when you come home next.
    I saw part of the beauty pageant show, boy that was intense. I cannot imagine us going through all that stuff.

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