labor day weekend. i had a great time at home. it was hard being there because i knew i had to leave. i spent time with joseph, my sister, and my parents. it was relaxing. monday came too quick, which meant i would have to come back to school. i ate breakfast with joseph, and then i had a big lunch with the familia. i cried for a little on my way back. it was awful having to say goodbyes again. i really like gcsu, but until last night i did not feel like this is my home. i know home is not necessarily a place, but i think it is where you feel most comfortable. i think home is with the people you love. i had not found that yet.

my roommate anna invited me to go to house church with her, so i agreed. i wanted to stay in the dorm and just lay around, but i decided to get out. we got some girls together and headed over. house church is literally church in a house. all college students. leading. listening. learning. worshipping. it was really cool. i know that is such a vague word, “cool,” but it was. i felt comfortable there. the teaching was good. the college student talked about God’s gaze on us. it is permanent. he does not look away. he is not distracted. it is human nature to be distracted, but he challenged me to want to gaze at God like he gazes at me. just a glimpse. after he spoke, there was worship. singer who played acoustic guitar, a guitarist, and a jimbay-ist. they played some good songs. “how he loves us.” this one got me. between worship and the speaking some of the leaders said people would be in the kitchen to talk and pray. i felt led during this song to make my way over there, and i am so glad i did. i cried in front of someone i had never met. i shared my heart. i was broken. she listened. she talked about being in the same situation last year. she prayed for me. i shared with her that i was here at GCSU, at college, at house church, to figure out who i am, and i shared my fear. she later sent me some verses on facebook that i am looking forward to delving into. i feel at peace. my home will always be with my family, and i think i met some new family last night. i am excited to see where it goes.

on a different note, anna and i drove around for 30 minutes looking for a parking place. by 12 we found one! and i am a flag football team!

what is something new with you? intramurals? new home? new friends? anything?



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