sitting in my room

sitting in my room. my feet are cold, as well as my arms. i just ate a really good lunch, as well as some ice cream, which does not help with coldness. the tile floor is like ice. slick, when wet and cold to the touch. i got a package today from my mum. it had some necessities and some nice treats. one was a lotion that smells really nice. it is called pear something. i love my roommates. they all have different senses of humor, which is very nice. i will introduce you later. i have a new friend who goes by sara. i really like talking to her. let me let you in on one of the secrets to life:

wrinkle releaser

wrinkle releaser

 i hate ironing, which is quite the opposite of my roommate anna. my mom bought me this stuff, and i think neither one of us really thought it would work. it does! i use it everyday. i have been working out lately. it feels good. and i can eat pretty healthy with the meal plan. i am becoming friends with the cooks, and i am started to ask them to use less oil, and they usually do. i am coming home on friday for labor day weekend. i am super excited for three things. my family, joseph, and watermarke. well.

i hope everyone is having a great monday. hang in there if you are not.



One response to “sitting in my room

  1. OKAY I am SOOO EXCITED THE WRINKLE stuff WORKS!! Of course, I am more excited you will be home in three days!!!!!! WoooHoooo!!!! I will buy you a case of the wrinkle stuff, lol. Ironing can be therapeutic for some, but NOT meeee!

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