alright. i have been trying to get my thoughts together the past couple days. 

i moved in thursday, and so did my roommates, whom i love. we all decided to rush, and for me and mikayla, that was short lived. we decided it was not for us. i am happy for my roommates because they found where they fit in. but i am so entirely happy i am not involved. it is just not me. mikayla and i have been hanging out a lot. we have mucho in common. we have met so many really nice people. and our new obsession is saga, the dining  hall. the food is really good! i am going to enjoy it while the excitement lasts. my room is really comfortable. i like it. i will put some pics up later.

i have come to college to figure out who i am and to love others. i have this bad habit of small talk. joseph might say i am really good at talking about the present. he challenged me last night to try and really get to know people by asking about their past and truly being myself. this is a really big challenge, and i know the only place i can find my strength is in God. so i am going to be praying and acting on it.

i just got back from my first class, into to psych. the teacher is really funny. and i thought i had the wrong book, but he said basically any book will be fine, which is super nice so i do not have to buy a $115 book that i would not be able to sell back because a new book is coming out. phew. i saved a total of $150 on books from buying them from amazon and a used bookstore. so that is really nice! i have two more classes today, and then i will be done for the day. i will most likely be napping!

i hope everyone is doing really well. i miss my family and joseph dearly. they sent me a package, and it was really sweet.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love you

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