new shoes

new shoes

alright, well i went shoe shopping with joseph tonight. i needed some good running shoes. i worked out today for the first time in a while, and i felt so good. endorphins! so i plan to get myself back into shape. gcsu has a nice work out place in an old train depot, so that will be sweet.

speaking of gcsu, i move in thursday. i am excited! i have everything i need, and my roommates and i decided we would all go to walmart and get the bathroom stuff together. so that should be supa fun.

tomorrow is the “last” family dinner. i am sure going to miss my mom’s cooking. she makes killer chocolate chip cookies, so we came up with the idea that we could freeze the dough, and i could sell them. haha

if you would like a good ab work out, do this.


move legs straigt, and lean back. pull yourself back up, and repeat. i work my way up to 100. start with 20!

if you cannot tell, i have some free time.

tomorrow i am going to the pool with callie and deborah. i am excited. publix subs, sun, pool, slides, peach tea, etc. =]

so i really am learning to not worry as much. it is so nice. i hope i can keep it up once school starts. i know i can. it is always a challenge, but it is one i am going to fight.

i am really excited about meeting new people. i am excited to see God’s plan work for me at school and at home for my family, friends, and joseph.

any advice for me?



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