i am sitting in my room listening to the “party time” playlist joseph made. it is a mix with some christina aguilera, rihanna, manchester, incubus, death cab, and some others. it’s good.  besides the music, the air conditioning is the only thing i hear. my sister went back to school yesterday, so i have all this free time with a quiet house. i am waiting for the time to pass. i work at four. i have loved my job this summer, but now that i only have a few days left, i am so ready to be done. if someone said they would take my shifts, i would probably let them. but why? that means i would just have more time at home. sitting. i think i am holding onto my home. i have about a week left. i am lazy. i should get up and work out, but i just am not motivated. tonight i am going to go see callie! she got a mac, and i am going to show her some things on it.

i hope you are all having a great week.



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