a challenge for you

i have been visiting watermarke church for the past couple sundays. it is a satellite church off andy stanley’s church north point. i have really been enjoying watermarke. the teachings have been encouraging to me, as well as inspirational.

this sunday andy stanley spoke about his summer vacation. i think he really spoke it about a month ago, but watermarke showed the video this week.

i want to challenge you to listen to “my summer vacation,” on the north point website. once you get here, click on “my summer vacation.” the message is about 40 minutes long. listen to it while you are looking a facebooks or while you are getting ready, sometime.

the message talks about the country of rwanda and the powerful ideas that caused drastic changes.
i would type it all out here, but i think it would be better if you could listen to it. once you have done that, let it soak in, and let me know what you think.

the week before i heard this, i was struggling with forgiving some people for minor things. i wanted to forgive them, but i just could not understand why they would not call me back or make time to hang out with me. this message hit home with me. forgiving is hard, although it seems like it should be simple since Jesus has forgiven me. He died for me. i should be able to forgive someone for just forgetting to call me back. Lord, i need your strength. this message is helping me to be quick to forgive. it will be a challenge for me. i want people to know this story. i wish this could be taught in schools. forgiveness. imagine how things could be different.

i am challenging you to listen to this message and to forgive. i am taking the challenge, too.

rwanda forgives.



One response to “a challenge for you

  1. Thank you, thank you for the challenge. I took the challenge and listened to the tape. WOW! It truly blessed me and made me begin to think about some things in my life.
    First, I had never heard the entire Rwanda story and was horrified and touched. How can I not forgive people who hurt me after hearing their story and the forgiveness they gave to the murderers of their family and friends. I know it must have been a daily choice to forgive their neighbors. I will need to chew on this part a little longer and let it all sink in. My prayer is that God will remind me of this as I go through life, I think it will put somethings in perspective.
    Second, I want to ask God to help me to see past my own understanding and ask for big things. I want to see the seed of possibilities and trust Him to accomplish way more than I could dream.
    Third, it made me think about decisions others and myself have made that have changed my life or others. I think of the night I decided to go to the gym with a co-worker; when Keith decided to see if he could help a family; when my daughter asked a boy over to her birthday party. All these things and more were just a seed to life changing events. There are so many more.
    I am asking God to give me ideas, action and follow through. Ideas from Him could change the world. I want to be a world changer for the better!

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