i put my two weeks notice in this week. weird, really weird.

i made a dumb mistake tonight, nothing deadly, but it is permanent unless replaced…
do not you acetone to clean your macbook. it is bad news. after reading some articles online to “use NON acetone” products, it is too late for dear melrose.

august 1, i am having people over for a “farewell for now” party. drop by when you can. hot dogs and hamburgers.

i wish ace of cakes was on tv. i rarely watch tv, especially by myself. but at this moment, i would love some some ace of cakes. saved by the bells is on…

confession: i always get on to people when they let their chi pet die on their dashboard. well, mine passed on june 25th. it was entirely not my fault. i was on vacation, and i thought if i put it in hibernation mode, it would be fine. it was a great 7 or so months, 7 months and 9 days to be exact.

the words “his love is greater than ocean” have been going through my head these past couple days. it is crazy that God’s love covers across oceans and can reach every single person. i am so blessed to be one that has seen his love. i hope i can pass it on.

have a good weekend.



2 responses to “miscellaneous

  1. Joseph Stagnaro

    this post has the most typo’s of any of your posts for sure. But thats ok, i forgive you.
    PS: i never knew your mac was named Melrose, she sounds hot.

  2. kaylabelleingram

    she’s not hot. you saw. but good thing it is the inside that counts…

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