i have been hit in the head with a fish

so. i really cannot believe school is about three weeks away…

i ate lunch with my friend liz today. i would say that we have a lot in common, but we don’t really get to hang out that often. i enjoyed talking to her today. we both are going to school two hours away. we have little sisters. we like la parilla. we are hot. we really like phil wickham. we even have a lot of mutual friends. i hope to keep in touch with her as we go off to school. if this is liz, i hope we keep in touch!

la parilla

la parilla

tonight i am going to see the dark knight at the midnight premier. i hope i can stay awake. i tried to nap, but my new room is really bright, and i was a little too lazy to put the blinds down.

i still need to add some stuff on the walls. i think joseph and i are going to do a big painting of a sunflower on a canvas. but i really like my room. it feels like mine.

tomorrow i am going to a cabin with some friends. it will be for two days and one night. it should be fun!

now back to the school thing. i am ready to meet new people. i am ready to make great friends. i know God has picked out some really nice people for me to get to know. i am ready to get involved. i am ready to share a room and bathroom with my roomies. but i feel like i am leaving a lot behind like my family. my little sister is still growing up, so it will be hard to not be around as much. i think it will be good for her, so she can start becoming her own person. it will also be really different being away from joseph, but i think it will be good for us. i have some friends, not many, but a few, that will still be here. when we went the little river canyon, i had a really good time with kelsey, so hopefully we will be able to keep in touch.

i would not say i am worried about all this, but i just have an uneasiness, so i need to pray about that and ask God for peace.

i am super excited for the dark knight!



2 responses to “i have been hit in the head with a fish

  1. Kayla~ I am praying for you about your new adventure! How exciting to launch out and see what God has for you…I think it’s normal to feel uneasy about new things, heck I don’t go to a new mall without feeling uneasy!
    I want you to know that in the coming year you are on my list. I will be praying for you. If there is something specific, let me know, I love you~

  2. thanks for the shoutout girl. lol i hope we stay in touch too! we def will have to hang out and go to athens together & such. we need to hang out soon, before you go to GCSU. see you soon girrrl 🙂

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