so what’s been happening?

i went kayaking/rafting with joseph, joe, ryan, and blake. they all had kayaks. i had a raft with a paddle. we paddled for nine miles down the etowah river. it was quite exhausting. at one point, joseph switched with me because i was going so incredibly slow in the raft. he thought maybe it was the way i was paddling, but no. it was just the worst. and to make it even better, the river did not move. there was a rope swing that joe and joseph took advantage of, and a slide in these person’s backyard that we all took advantage of, some more than others… i am glad we took the trip. i worked on patience, and i gained some upper body strength!

this saturday, joseph came tubing down the toccoa with my family. we had blueberry pancakes before we set off. it was quite a trip. as soon as we set foot into the water my mom fell out and my dad was close lined by a tree. it was fun. everyone laughed. the river moved, so that was good! then we had a really good lunch. it was just sandwiches, but they were probably really good since we tubed down the river for like three and half hours. it was mucho divertido and mucho laughs. after the trip, joseph and i went to ikea with joe and we bought lots of cool stuff. joe got some stuff for his room at his sister’s and i got some for my new room.

sunday, i visited watermarke church. i liked it. the sermon was really good. it was about Judaism, and i learned a lot. basically i knew nothing about judaism. the woman who spoke was humorous and had a great story. she grew up jewish but always felt empty until she found her messiah, jesus christ. look up her story. her name is judy reamer.

joseph and i started painting my room, also known as my sister’s old room. we switched rooms.it has some interesting colors, and we are going to finish today. i cam curious to see it all put together.

here’s some progress. it is looking pretty crazy in the color world.

i have an exciting week ahead filled with work, canyons, cabins, and lunch.



One response to “happenings

  1. I’ve read Judy’s book “Feelings Women Rarely Share”. It’s really great. 🙂

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