i am about to fall asleep, but some thoughts are keeping me awake. i leave to go to school in about a month. it is starting to hit me. i will be away from my home, my room, my family, and my friends. up until this point, i have felt ready for it. i guess i never really thought it all through. i know that being at GCSU is a part of God’s plan for my life, so i am excited about that, but i just need to trust God that it will all be okay. i am excited about learning new things, trying new things, and meeting new people. i want to find out what i like and what i am good at. i am scared of something, but i can’t really put my finger on it. i am going to trust God. it is in his hands.

i hate to say it, but fanny pack was super good tonight on america’s best dance crew.

today i am cleaning/switching rooms with my sister. it should be interesting. i have so much stuff. i don’t even know where some of it is from.

have a great weekend.



One response to “cuatro

  1. sometimes the fear i have is based on expectations. my fear is that it won’t be wonderful or better than where i am at, that i don’t find that thing that i was hoping for.
    you are going to do great. i am not so sure about me. i don’t think i will be a helicopter parent but my heart will miss you and i will feel a loss that you are not here each day. i am proud of you and that you are risking.

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