perfect timing.

this was taken a while ago when i played frisbee with joseph, al, mary, and rayanne right before baby callie was born!

i had a great day today. i woke up early and went mountain biking with ali meek at blankets creek. we rode mosquito flats (the beginner trail) a few times, and i got a good work out. there were some big, muddy puddles that we rode through, which resulted in a very muddy me. my camera is getting fixed right now, or i would put up a picture.

after the ride, i came home and showered. i discovered after my shower i still had mud on me. figures. after lunch i went out with my mom and sister. i helped my mom pick out a camera, and we shopped around a little. i got a bathroom caddy thing for my dorm, so that is totally exciting!

dinner was really good. salsa chicken and rice. joseph and joe came over and ate with my fam and then we headed to REI. i bought a new water bottle (BPA free) because i sold mine to joe because i did not like it very much. i liked the color though. we were there forever. i tried on shoes. a thunderstom started. joseph tried on 11 different helmets. and they both bought underwear. i got this really cool head thing. once i get my camera back i will show you all of the 12 styles that can be worn. that will be something to look forward to!

the storm kept on, and we traveled to walmart where i ran in to get water shoes. as the storm continued we headed to blockbuster and picked up king of california. i watched it with joseph, joe, and ryan jones. it was interesting. i think it is one of those movies that is kind of serious yet has some extremely dry, funny humor. i would recommend for a bad weather day!

tomorrow, or in like seven hours joseph, blake, joe, ryan, and i are going to the etowah river for some rafting or something. if i had my camera i would put up pictures tomorrow, but i don’t. so i will describe it later.

have a great day.



One response to “perfect timing.

  1. The picture is AMAZING! Did you take it with your camera? If so, I am excited because I have one almost like you. Maybe I can take great pictures like you when I grow up!

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