my thanks

i am thankful for my family. not just my immediate family but my extended family. i know if i ever have a dilemma, i can go to them whether it be for encouragement, knowledge, experience, love, etc.

i am thankful that the big dipper is right over my house tonight. it looks as if it is taking a scoop out of it.

i am thankful for my macbook, my new nail polish titled scandal, and my wireless mouse.

also, i am thankful for such wonderful weather. today joseph and i hiked island ford trail or something along those lines. i am thankful for the shade, which made the hike “do-able.” joseph climbed a couple rocks. i ate a couple sunflower seeds. and we walked a good walk. the chattahoochee river ran parallel to the trail, so that was nice too. i want to get some people together to go tubing soon!

i’m very thankful for water. this may sound shallow, but i really can’t imagine life without water, and it makes my heart hurt for all the people out there who do not have fresh water.

i am thankful for my car (my red station wagon that use to have flames on it and that has been hit and repaired in the same spot three times).

i am thankful for my camera. i love pictures. they really do capture the moment, and they help me remember what happened. this one time, joseph and i went to boling park, and i did not have my camera. that is all i remember, but all the other times that we had a camera, the memories from our hike or picnic come back.

i am thankful for my right now friendships, my cute biff, my future friends, and my love for other people.

i am thankful for music. on my way home tonight, i listened to some casey darnell, and i sang a long. the words were so sweet and so meaningful.



One response to “my thanks

  1. very cool! glad the songs are reaching people and speaking to the heart!

    glad you like it…


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