time to work

today ended up being a good day. it started off slow with no plans. i ended up waking up super early to get my sister ready to go because my nana was going to pick her up, and once that was done, i went back to sleep. i was afraid that i would not be able to, but i slept great. i ended up going to the pool with kayla, adrienne, lindsey, and one of her friends, mallory. it was fun. lindsey and i raced down the slides, and me and kayla are officially twins (our name, middle initial, left nose pierces, and tan legs). after that i picked up my sister, and we went to our pool for an hour or so. then we ate dinner. joseph and joe came over so we could all ride together to play volleyball. i watched them eat. volleyball was fun. then we swam at tylers and played games like mario kart and catch phrase at kayla’s. joseph, joe, and i came back to my house and we munched on some oreos and talked for a little. twas a nice day.

my vacation last week was great. i spent time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. i loved it. the beach was about 20 steps from the house. the weather was super nice! we saw a couple movies, played a lot of rock band, built a giant drip castle, played some darts, and slept nine in a room for four. here are some pictures.

i cherish beach week every year with the family. it is so relaxing, and i am so thankful to have such a great ‘support system.’ i know if i ever need anything i can turn to them.

college is getting closer. it is weird! i went to orientation on our way down to florida. i had a good time. i met tons of really nice people, and i am getting really excited about it all. i was able to eat lunch with my 2 out of 3 of my roommates, so that was cool! i move in the 14th!

i am working some this week, and i am going to try and get the college money situation all worked out, too. and…joseph’s birthday is on sunday, the big one-nine!

enjoy the week=]


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