summer: week 3

so, this has been a really good week. it has been relaxing, and now it is filled with some excitement. tomorrow i have orientation at gcsu down in milledgeville. i planned with my roommates to eat lunch, so that should be fun. and after orientation my family and i will leave from there for florida!

every year for as long as i can remember, my whole family (on my mom’s side) stay at a beach house together for a week. there are about 25 of us, give or take a few. all in one house. it is something i always look forward to. over the past couple years, cousins have gotten married, and there are some awesome new additions to the family. a few years back, we always had a beach tournament thing with games ranging from cards, golf on the beach, volleyball, tennis, best sandcastle, etc. we have not done that in a while, and i think we are going to bring it back this year. it should be fun. the competition keeps it interesting, and i think we are going to add bocce ball to the events. it is super fun! here is a ridiculous/obnoxious video…

on monday, me, joseph, joe, colby, lucy, nick, and shane went to phil wickham show at mt. bethel church. he was amazing, and he seemed like a really nice guy. he is such inspiring and uplifting music. tuesday, callie invited me to go to a college group with her at bridgepointe, so we went. it was pretty cool. i really liked the people. they were just genuinely nice. then we watched the movie crank. that was ridiculous. i did not enjoy it. wednesday, we relaxed by the pool. then i had to go to work, but i am really glad i got to spend time with callie. she has been a great friends, since who knows when. then i ate sushi with joseph. it was really good. we got a yellowtail and scallions roll that everyone who likes sushi should try! then we watched the office webisodes. they were funny. i just hate how they are all so short, but i guess that is part of the whole the office idea. short, awkward, and humorous.

my parents’ church, HisHands church, is partnering up with other churches in cherokee county, and they are gathering clothes for kids that are going back to school. i don’t know too many details, but i think it is a great outreach. the kids will get clothes, a haircut, a backpack, and all the school supplies they need. i went through my clothes and my sisters clothes today. help out if you can, and here’s another video

enjoy your next week!



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