what if there is no God?

okay, so in the book soul cravings by erwin raphael mcmanus he makes such a great point. he talks about something i have always wondered, and i think it is something that many people wonder.

the question: “If there is a God, why does he allow such horrible things to happen?”

horrible things such as cancer, violence, AIDS, starving children, etc.

to answer this question: imagine there is no God, and ask yourself if there will there still be evil in the world. will there still be violence? will children be starved? will cancer still be around? without God, will there still be evil in this world? and i believe the answer is YES.

to take this even farther…
many people like to blame God for these things. in this scenario, there is still no God, so who is there to blame? we can’t blame him because he is out of the picture. “All we have left is us.” i don’t know who i blames. i avoided the subject, but i will not anymore. =]

God is there. violence seems to be only getting worse. starving children are dying. cancer is around out loved ones. we need to be activist to create change. we can’t point fingers.

this blog is for me to share my thoughts with you couple of people reading out there. there is so much going on while i am typing this, so i hope it makes some sense. comment please, and let me know what you think.

love and be active for good change.


2 responses to “what if there is no God?

  1. After decades of conjecturing I’ve concluded that there is no god – at least in the simplistic sense that there is someone watching over us; but there is far more going on than we can see or even imagine. There is more than this life, and death shouldn’t be feared – though I do believe that we should all hang to ours for as long as we can – don’t know why exactly; but we are here for a purpose. We all have roles in the play of life: And when the curtain falls – then the party begins.

  2. kaylabelleingram

    thanks for your thoughts. i have faith in God, and i would have to say God is helping me play a part in my role.

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