day trip.

so, today joseph, joe, and i took a day trip up to amicalola falls and hike. we left at like 9:30 to stop by REI, and then we were off to the falls. the weather was perfect today. it was not too hot. on the way there, joe’s ipod was playing, and we listened to some really good music. i think it was casey darnell. the windows were down. it was really refreshing, and i felt at peace about some things.

i have been reading this book called soul cravings by erwin raphael mcmanus that joe gave me foreva ago. i pulled it out on the way there and started reading. i highly recommend the book. it is broken into four sections, “intimacy,” “destiny,” “meaning,” and “seek.” it has challenged me to start to explore who i am and what i really want. but anyways, as i was reading today, i was happy. i soaked up everything written on the pages. it was refreshing.

on the way!

so, i was totally thinking that this trip would be a fun, easy hike. climb a couple steps, see a waterfall, eat lunch, and head home. not so much. it was fun (when we were not going uphill), but it was not too easy. we hiked to the falls, and then we hiked about 2 or 3 miles past it, uphill. i am really glad that we went. i think we hiked for about three hours, and easily burned over 1000 calories. we laughed. we watched joe be harassed by a bee. we got lost on the way home in the car.

when we got back from the hike, i went to joseph’s, and we watched a documentary with his sister. it’s called czech dream. these film students decided to make up an hypermarket (mall) and advertise it, but the catch is that it is all totally fake. they are trying to show capitalism in the country. it was entertaining. check it out!

twas a great day!



3 responses to “day trip.

  1. Joseph Stagnaro

    I like your video k fed. And your blog is interesting, i like the way you write.

  2. that bee wanted me dead.

  3. wow…hope you like it…and that it added a great musical backdrop to your day!


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